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Welcome to RPD

RPD is an Irish printing company based in Dublin, which specialises in supplying offering envelopes, stationery and other fund-raising and marketing products to churches, schools, sports clubs and charities.

RPD supplies fund-raising products for customers in Ireland, the UK and Europe ranging from entire diocese to small parishes with fewer than 20 contributing members.

RPD Limited is proud to have been one of the sponsors of IEC2012

For nearly fifty years we have been providing fundraising envelopes and other printing services to Irish churches and charities, so it is a real pleasure for us to be able to contribute towards this special and momentous occasion… Read more »

Online Order Form For Boxed Sets Of Envelopes

To order boxed sets of envelopes you can click here for the online order form on this site. There is also a printable version of the form available here.

RPD Limited